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03 January 2016 - So I do remember how to update my webpage!  And more miraculous is the fact that my FrontPage software (long since discontinued by Microsoft) and my FTP software and accounts are all accessible.  :)  And then I found time to create some art!  Will wonders ever cease?  Hopefully this will continue into 2016.  

So I'm taking an online class called Creative Jump Start 2016.  It runs for a month and is available HERE.    The first few lessons are exploring elements of Henri Matisse's artwork.  The class is mostly geared towards mixed media, but not having all the supplies I need I opted to translate it into glass.  I created a pinterest page with inspirational images of the Fauvism movement  - my favorite style that Matisse helped found.  For my first attempt I have stylistic grove of Olive Trees in the Fauvism style with colors opposite one another on the color wheel - Celadon Green and Coral.  And there's an interpretive Banyan tree from Turquoise and Yellow glass.

First some Matisse Inspiration:

Here is some glass in the color palette inspired by Matisse...  You can see my torch on the left there.  For those of you new to lampworking it's how I make the beads.

Now, my beads and one knob for my studio cabinetry.

I'll try to keep my website update as I progress, but I'll also update my FaceBook page HERE....  If you'd like to leave any feedback, do so on Facebook!  Maybe I'll eventually figure out how to add comments to this webpage...  

02 January 2016 - Wow, it's really been over 4 years since I've updated my website.  Let's see if I can still figure out how to do this.  :) 

Here is a random collection of photos.   Alexanna - her artwork - My Parents - Dad's Woodturned art

23 December 2011 - Some beady gifts ready for the big day!

11 December 2011 - Made a few big hole beads for a special order...  Spirit big-hole beads in University of Maryland and Loyola colors!  Now that I'm all caught up on special orders for Broadneck Music Boosters, I can get working on Lampwork Christmas Gifts!  Yay!!

11 November 2011 - The Broadneck Marching Band Spirit Jewelry sale is winding down.  If you are interested in any of the Spirit Jewelry for Holiday gifts, please be sure to contact me and get your order in before Thanksgiving.  That will be the last day I will be taking orders for Spirit Jewelry with 100% of the sales price benefiting Broadneck Music Program.  If you scroll down, I have posted photos of all the available designs.  Just drop me an e-mail with your order with the item names (indicate bracelets or necklaces) to:   I can get a check from you payable to BMB at the time of delivery (delivery coordination details TBD, but I'm flexible).   Thanks for all your support for the Broadneck Music Program!  ~Juliet

23 October 2011 - I thought I'd add a picture of a part of the necklace with my hand showing so you can get an idea of the size of the beads which I made.  I'm really really happy with the way these beads came out.  The colors are really rich and elegant and the blue contrasts nicely with the Raku swirls.  I named the set "Harmony" - and it includes a necklace, bracelet and two coordinated pairs of earrings!  The jewelry components are .925 Silver and Swarovski Crystals.  This is definitely a one of a kind jewelry set!  Oh and I'll be happy to resize the bracelet for the lucky winner if so desired.

23 October 2011 - Do you want a sneak peek at the beads I made for the Broadneck Music Boosters Spaghetti Dinner & Silent Auction Fundraiser?  Here they are! I went with a conservative theme (not Broadneck specific) to maximize versatility.  These can easily be dressed up for a night out with your little black dress, or can be dressed down with a fall sweater and jeans!  The beads are made on a base of black glass with opal yellow bands colored with blue frit. The scrolls and decorations are made with a unpredictable color-changing glass called Raku.  The beauty of the Raku is that it's a bit unpredictable and gives you lots of color variation.  The frustration in using the Raku is that it's unpredictable... one of those love it and hate it glasses, but so worth the effort!

Some of the photos show the beads still on the mandrels with bead release.  This is how the beads are made.  The glass is "wound" on the mandrels, the bead formed and decorated.  The bead release keeps the glass from fusing to the steel mandrel.  They are put in a hot kiln (970 deg) and annealed and slowly cooled to room temperature overnight. This stabilizes and strengthens the glass and removes the thermal stresses which could cause the beads to shatter easily.  After you take the beads off the mandrel the bead holes get cleaned under water with a diamond bit reamer. 

There will likely be some Broadneck Spirit Wear jewelry for sale at the Dinner if you haven't yet had a chance to purchase any at the school before or after practices.  :-)  There are pictures of the line of Spirit Wear jewelry below...

02 October 2011 - Here's a new bangle bracelet, designed to coordinate with the Broadneck Golden Swirl Necklace pattern.  This one is a special order, so is already spoken for, but I will be making more once I return from my business trip late this week.  I also thought you might like to see a labeled picture of my flameworking studio, where I melt the glass and make the beads.  Enjoy!  ~Juliet

30 September 2011 - I finally have a "Solaris" Theme bead I'm happy with!  I'll be bringing a few of these to practice tonight incase anyone is interested in them!  :)

26 September 2011 - Wow, two website updates in a week!  Here are some new pieces of Broadneck HS Spirit jewelry which will be for sale near the band hall on Tuesday.  100% of the sales price goes to the Broadneck Music Boosters  to help fund Marching Band and Color Guard and other music department activities at BHS.  Be sure to keep scrolling down to my other September website update for more bead pictures.  Thanks for visiting!   ~Juliet

Broadneck Sunrise.  $30.  On a brown cord necklace.  Warm yellow bead with swirls and squiggles in yellow and fire red to echo the Solaris show theme.  Can't you just see the motion of the multicolor flags?  Swarovski crystal dangles and copper findings.  Large Lentil shaped bead, approximately 37mm across.  

Classical Music Necklace.  $30.  On a white cord necklace.  Classic black, white and red with a musical theme.  Swarovski crystal dangles and silver tone findings.  Large Lentil shaped bead, approximately 37mm across.  


Classical Music Bracelet.  $30.  Classic black, white and red with a musical theme.  "Spree" shaped beads are decorated on both sides.  Swarovski crystals and silver plated beads and findings.  


Pathways.  $30.  On a tan organza and cord necklace.  Swirls of black and white on a sea of sand and encased in clear.  The pathways are created by first preparing black and white twisty from glass.  Slightly raised burgundy paw print on both sides.  Swarovski crystal dangles and copper findings.  Large Lentil shaped bead, approximately 37mm across.  

Broadneck's Sandy Shores.  $30.  On a Burgundy organza / cord necklace.  Opal yellow base bead with swirls twists of multicolor glass and accents of goldstone and turquoise..  Swarovski crystal dangles and copper findings.  Large Lentil shaped bead, approximately 37mm across.  


September 2011 - It's been years since I've updated my website.  I'll spare you the details of my insane job and my chronic Cystic Fibrosis health issues.  There just haven't been enough hours in the day to keep up with family life, work and my hobbies.  I have been making beads, just not taking the time to photograph, post or blog about them.  Hopefully now that things are settling down, I can get my play time in balance with work time!  Here are some recent beads I made in support of the Broadneck Music Boosters program.  The beads all feature a Broadneck Paw Print and many of the pieces were inspired by the Broadneck Marching Band's show theme this year... Solaris!  So, without any further yapping here they are!  

Note:  The pieces shown below will be on sale at BHS near the band hall on Tuesday September 27 between 5:30 and 6pm.  I am also willing to make a limited amount of similar pieces, so if you see one here and it's not available at the BHS table, please e-mail me at  100% of the sale price of this jewelry goes to BMB.  The glass beads are all individually handmade in my flameworking studio... I melt the glass, I make the bead, I craft the jewelry.  All items have been properly kiln annealed for strength and durability.

Broadneck Classic.  $20.  On a white cord necklace.  Pure white background with black twisty accents and Swarovski crystals.  Raised burgundy paw prints.  Medium sized Lentil shaped bead, approximately 25mm across.  

Broadneck Golden Swirl.  $20.  Burgundy and Ivory glass with Goldstone accent.  On a tan cord necklace.  Medium sized Lentil shaped bead, approximately 25mm across.  


Broadneck Paw Bangle.  $20.  On a silver plated bracelet.  Holes are popular style "big hole beads".


Paw Print and Sparkle Lentil.  $20. On a tan corded necklace.  Opal yellow base glass with goldstone sparkle accents and raised burgundy pawprint.  Medium sized Lentil shaped bead, approximately 25mm across.  


Paws and Lillies.  $30.  On a burgundy cord / organza necklace.  Solid burgundy core with deeply encased white lillies and swirled goldstone ribbons.  Swarovski crystal dangles and copper findings.  Large Lentil shaped bead, approximately 37mm across.  


Sunrise with Turquoise.  $20.  On a burgundy cord / organza necklace.  Opal yellow background with olive green and turquoise accents and raised Burgundy Paw print.  Medium sized Lentil shaped bead, approximately 25mm across.  



I have several other pieces in kiln and others in the process of assembly / photography.  Come back again as I will post updates here when they're ready!  

Thanks, ~Juliet 


Be sure to pick up the September/October 2006 Issue of GlassCraftsman Magazine featuring my ORGANIX article demonstrating how to make the beads shown on the right.

October 2007 - Here are some of the more recent beads I've had on eBay.  I'll be in New Orleans on travel for a week, so I won't have any new bead auctions until early November.  Check back then!  :)  ~Juliet


Mid September Update - This weekend I've been in a beadmaking and eBay listing frenzy. Here are some photos of current beadsets up and ready for bidding!  There will be more coming later this weekend too!    Click for eBay Link


September 2007 - Well, after a crazy summer, I'm finally getting back in the groove.... beadmaking and eBay selling groove that is!  Hopefully you all haven't totally forgotten about me during my long haitus from eBay.  Here are some photos of new beadsets.  Be sure to check out my auctions for more closeup photos.  Click for eBay Link

Now I'll tell you a bit about these beads.  The first set "All Decked Out" uses a neat odd-lot glass from Frantz that's halfway between periwinkle and cobalt.  It's a really neat medium blue and looks fabulous coupled with Raku stringer.  The set called "Candied Ginger" is one of the new ASK glasses.  It's a neat luster that shimmers and shines when reduced.  "Tranquility" is a set of round spherical beads.  I shape them using a marble mold - it's really a bunch of fun!  This is the first of four beadsets I've made over the past few days.  The other 3 sets have different color palettes, but similar designs and patterns on the beads.  I can see me making a whole lot more of the spherical beads, they're such a nice change from the usual donut beads and pressed beads.

The last gorgeous weather weekend in April 2007 - I've temporarily removed all the inventory from my online store.  In response to requests, I'm adding 1/4 and 1/2 pound bundles of glass.  New colors going online will include SuperNova, a gorgeous dark purple, a light amethyst and a beautiful transparent peach.  I'll be on a biz trip the first week of May, so I won't have anything until Friday May 4th.  With luck, I'll list the remainder of my clearance beads to eBay auctions before I head out and time the auctions so that they end upon my return.  ~Juliet

Late April 2007 - OK, Things are just about setup at the new host!  Yay!    Now to get a pile of new beads up on eBay!  Also as a heads up - I'll be on travel to Italy for the last 2 - 1/2 weeks in May so I won't be able to ship any glass or beads during that time.  If you need some Lauscha Glass, be sure to order by Thursday May 17th!  ~Juliet 

April 2007 - Well March just flew by with nary a bead on eBay!  I have a full new inventory of beads at Bead Bungalow in Annapolis, so if you're local to the Chesapeake Bay area, be sure to swing by and check them out!  I've recently received 200+ pounds of Luscious Lauscha glass from Germany, including Super Nova, a gorgeous dark purple, a light amethyst and a beautiful transparent peach!  I had some of that glass for sale last weekend at the SGBMA meeting, and I'll be listing in 1/4 and 1/2 pound increments on my website soon.  Unfortunately first I'm going to have to move my website over to a new host because I had a host of problems with unsendable e-mails.  Many big name domains were blocking e-mail from claiming spam.  Ack.  Anyways, within the next 2 week's my eCommerce will be intermittently available.  So please have patience during the transition!  

Alexanna has a new set of beads too - photographs are done, now for getting her to sit down long enough to write a description!  ;-)  I've also done some serious spring cleaning in the studio and will be listing quite a few heavily discounted beadsets - many starting at just $5!  I'll also be posting some vessels.  I took a class with Tink last fall and finally am comfortable with blowing glass.  It's quite a change from making beads!

Mid February 2007 - Here's a beadset which didn't sell last time I had it on eBay... so I'll just have to reduce the price and try again!  I've been pretty busy at the torch the past week, working on new stock for Bead Bungalow!  Alexanna has also completed a new spring color beadset... we just have to get her focused enough to photograph the beads now!  I ordered her a set of her very own business cards from VistaPrint.  She's jazzed and giving them out to school friends...  according to Alexanna "some of them just don't get it."  :-)  Ah the family tradition of being 'different' continues.  Alexanna accused me (embarassingly loudly) in Michaels one day of doing "really weird and different crafts, not the boring things they have here."  I've often wondered if the weird thing is due to genetics or environment....   Probably a bit of both...   ;-)

Valentine's Day 2007  We had a crazy ice storm on the East coast over Valentine's... lost power and the whole nine yards!  The bedrooms upstairs got down to a chilly 48 degrees!  So we all hung out in the family room... between the fireplace and the little portable heater we kept the room in the balmy mid-60s!  Here are a few ice photos.

Still Almost February 2007 <grin> - Gee, I go so long without updating I figured I'd just mention early middle or late month.  Now here I am back in full swing running out of adjectives.  Guess maybe I'd better switch back to dates again.  OK, starting in Feb I will - if I remember.  Anyways it's late but I wanted to put up a sneak preview of what's coming to eBay & Bead Bungalow soon!  For the month of February, my entire inventory of beads at Bead Bungalow in Annapolis, Md are on sale 50% off!  Get them before they're gone!  March will bring an entire new inventory of beads.  In the meantime I'm busy at the torch...  BTW those caramel iridescent beads shown below were made with one of the new ASK luster glasses that just came on the market recently.  YUM YUM YUM!

Almost February 2007 - Yeah!  Alexanna is bouncing off the walls (no soda to blame!) because we just listed her very first bead auction on eBay.  :)  Aren't they cute?  :)  Alexanna named the beadset Orange Passion - Click on the photos to go tot he auctions.  She took the photos (I showed her how to use my good Nikon) and she cropped & resized them herself.  She wrote the auction and we listed them under my eBay ID.  - Do you see an ulterior motive for me teaching her photography and PaintShopPro? Ha Ha Ha. Only problem is that now when she helps me in my studio she wants enough torch time to make whole bead sets not just onesies and twosies and isn't just willing to sort glass and clean beads anymore.  <grin>  Next thing I know she'll be asking to use some of my Double Helix glass!  At $100 a pound I think .....not!!!  The second photo below is my "New Southwest" set.  That auction ends Monday evening.  Thanks for visiting!  ~Juliet & Alexanna


Late-January 2007 - Yes, That's my 11 year old daughter Alexanna making beads. We have a new AUR92 face shield that she's looking through. We both just love it - no more hassles with torch glasses. I'm so proud of her!! She's going to start selling beads on eBay sometime next week! These beads looked really cute going into the kiln. She's been making beads on an off for a few years now (she started at age 9). I think she's finally got the nice puckered ends and rounding up down well enough to sell! Her beads are better formed than some of beads I've seen listed on eBay. We'll see in the morning if the kiln faries came for a visit overnight.

And here is a new beadset that I made from one of the new USA made reactive boutique glasses on the market.  This beadset is up on eBay now!

Mid-January 2007 - I'm finally back in the groove and have added some listings to eBay!  Here is the  link to my current auctions Juliet's Studio on eBay    And here are some photos to get you clicking & bidding!  :-)  Thanks!  

January 2007 - I can't hardly believe the new year is already here!  2006 has flashed by in a whirlwind blur of activity. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year with enough quality time to spend with family and doing the things you want to do - instead of the things you have to do.  :-)  Here's some new eye candy for you to see.  All the items shown below were gifts or special order items.  The mechanical pencils I'm particularly proud of!  Each of those single (nearly 4 inch long) beads takes about an hour to make - plus there is prep time preparing the twisties and components plus time for finishing and assembly afterwards.  As you're finishing the bead making part, it gets quite stressful to make sure you keep the whole bead warm so it doesn't crack.  It took quite a bit of practice to work up to these and my family has been trained to check the bead size before they dare interrupt me at the torch!  LOL!  The morning ritual of checking to see if the 'kiln fairies' visited the glowing beads during the overnight annealing cycle makes it all worthwhile.  :-)  ~Juliet


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